The Classic Fish ’n Chips

Deep-fried Atlantic whiting coated in homemade Irish beer batter with proper chips and fresh salad
11.50 €

Shepherd`s Pie

Slowly cooked ground lamb, carrots and peas in a brown gravy
with seasonings and topped with mashed potato
9.00 €

Connemara Chicken

Pan-fried chicken breast topped with spicy Cheddar,
sautéed peppers in Dijon-orange sauce and rice
11.00 €

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin beef (200 g), side salad, proper chips

15.00 €

with a choice of

-homemade garlic and herb butter

16.00 €

-peppers, mushrooms in red wine demi-glace

18.50 €

-Irish whiskey tomato sauce

18.50 €

-brandy-cream with green pepper corns

18.50 €

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