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Steak Sandwich

Beef steak in toasted sesame breadk with melted cheese3,4,  onions, tomatoes, sweet chilli sauce8 & a side salad or chips / wedges
10.50 €

BLT Sandwich

Bacon in toasted sesame breadk with lettuce, tomatoes & onions, served with Chips or Wedges  8.00€

with extra Cheese3 8.50€

The LIR Tapas Platter

Seranno, Manchego, Chorizo, Cheddar4, Sheep's cheese, Calamari, Wedges, sundried tomatoes & a side salad with garlic breadk & olives

Small 9.50 €

Large 16.50

Dips:  Tartar sauce4, Pineapple-Curry

Vegetarian option also available!!!

BBQ Spare Ribs

Marinated pork ribs with proper chips or wedges
11.00 €

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings (Spicy BBQ) with Chips or Wedges
10.00 €

The LIR Toast

Toasted sesame breadk filled with tomatoes, onions and

Ham & Cheese3,44.50 €
Ham, Cheese3,4 & Pineapple4.50 €
Mozzarella - Pesto4.50 €
Sheep's Cheese4.50 €
Sheep's Cheese & Chorizo5.00 €
Serrano, Manchego & Olive Oil5.00 €
Chicken Breast & Cheddar35.00 €
All toasts can also be served with Chips or Wedges+2.00 €
All toasts are made with fresh garlic on request. 


Potato Wedges    4.50 €
Classic Chips    4.50 €
Chips & Curry Sauce   5.50 €
Calamari4    4.50 €
Olives9 & Garlic Breadk   4.00 €
Coleslaw4 withChips or Wedges    5.00 €
Coleslaw4   3.50 €
Olives93.20 €
Garlic Breadk1.00 €
Breadk0.60 €
Choice on Dips: Tartar sauce4, Pineapple-Curry, Salsa Brava4, Garlic4, BBQ4

Allergy Card / Allergenkarte

Allergy and Sensitivity Information  
a: Cereals containing Gluten    
b: Crustaceans      
c: Eggs       
d: Fish       
e: Peanuts      
f: Soya       
g: Milk       
h: Nuts       
i: Mustard      
j: Celery      
k: Sesame seeds     
l: Sulphur dioxide     
m: Lupin      
n: Molluscs      
As a number of our dishes contain some of the above 
 mentioned products we cannot guarantee that any food 
prepared in our restaurant will not contain traces (a - n) 
of those foodstuff.     
Ingredients Declaration    
1 Caffeine      
2 Quinine      
3 Dyes       
4 Preservatives      
5 Taurine      
6 Sweetner      
7 with Aspartame (Phenylalanine)   
8 Antioxidants      
9 Blackened      
10 Ice - cream with vegetable fat   
11 Vegetable extracts